Nikon Iconic Futures exhibition opening evening

The Nikon Iconic Futures exhibition is now open to public at Metro Gallery until the end of March. Go check it out if you are living in Auckland!
It’s a huge honour I was invited to be part of this campaign to celebrate Nikon’s 100th birthday!
Having to shoot with the oldest camera in the whole campaign, the 1959 Nikon F film SLR, and knowing that my photos will be displayed next to the photos shot by the Nikon ambassadors Esther Bunning, Chris Mclennan and other amazing top photographers in the country really stressed the hell out of me, but it’s such a memorable experience and I really enjoyed the challenge and process!
Here are a few photos from the Nikon Iconic Futures Exhibition opening evening. I didn’t bring any of my digital Nikon so all the photos were from my phone.
Happy 100th birthday Nikon!  Now… please show me your full frame mirrorless!!!


Nikon Ambassador Esther Bunning

Wedding Photographer Jonathan Suckling announcing the winner of the Iconic Youth Grant – Hendrix Arnold
Congratulations Hendrix! 
It’s me!