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Welcome to my camera reviews blog.
I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand.I enjoy photography ever since I was a kid and I’m always fascinated by imaging technology. Even my Masters degree research was focused on on digital image processing topics. And just like a lot of photographers, I’m very interested in the latest (and also some of the older) camera gears as well. So I decided to create this blog “Review by Richard” to review camera gears.
All the reviews are done by myself at my spare time, so I don’t really have time to go over every feature and small detail. While I may show you some comparison photos and charts in my reviews,  if you want the most detailed and technical review please go to DPReview, imaging-resource or ePHOTOzine and read their really comprehensive reviews and analysis. My reviews are usually focused on areas and features I found most interesting or important, and sometimes random thoughts on related topics. Basically things that I would chat to you if I sit down with you at a coffee shop and start talking about cameras.
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