Panasonic Lumix BGH1

Panasonic Lumix BGH1 is Panasonic’s first box shape mirrorless camera. It uses a 10MP Micro Four Thirds camera and specially designed for video production, live streaming, especially for users with multi camera setup with it’s new Lumix Tethering for Box software and its ethernet port (which can control up to 12 Panasonic BGH1s at the same time).

While the image sensor is same specs as the GH5S and it doesn’t have a built-in, screeen or electronic viewfinder, BGH1’s processor power consumption is 7.9W compare to the 3.9W power consumption. With the extra power, an active cooling system is added to allow it to record up to 10bit 4k60 video with no time limit while outputting to both it’s HDMI and SDI output at the same time. It is also the new Lumix camera with an ethernet port which allows it to stream/control/power over the ethernet port.

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