DIY Film Development: What do you need?

Film is having a big comeback recently, every now and then I have people ask me what they need to buy if they want to develop black and white film at home. So here is a short video to show you what are the minimal tools and chemical you need if you want to develop B&W film at home.


1. Film Development Tank (e.g. Patterson Super System 4)
2. 1 x 500ml measuring cup and 1 x 30ml measuring cup for mixing chemcial (doesn’t have to be exact. can be slightly bigger)
3. 3 x 1000ml measuring cup for storing the mixed chemical
4. Beer bottle opener (for opening the 35mm film can)
5. Film Changing Bag (if you don’t have a room that can be made completely dark temporarily)
6. Thermometer that can measure down to 20 degree celcius / 68 degree Fahrenheit
7. Clothes peg (to hang and air dry your film after it was developed)

1. Developer
2. Stopper
3. Fixer

If you have any questions re film development, feel free to leave a message below and I’ll try to answer your questions.