Mindy Andy Sneak Peek

As a wedding photographer, people hire you and trust you to capture one of the most important day of their life. It is a great honour but also always gives me lots of pressure, doesn’t really matter how many weddings I’ve done.

And it doesn’t really help when the groom is also a wedding photographer  himself. You knew you really have to do your absolute best if you don’t want to disappoint him and his professional eyes.  I’m not sure if this is just a coincidence or what, but this is actually the 2nd time this year I’m shooting another wedding photographer’s wedding.  And I think this is something I should aim to do a bit less in 2015 as my blood pressure must have increased to maximum when I was shooting Andy and Mindy’s wedding.


Videography: JetMo Project   http://jetmoproject.co.nz/


MindyAndySneakPeek01 MindyAndySneakPeek02 MindyAndySneakPeek03 MindyAndySneakPeek04 MindyAndySneakPeek05 MindyAndySneakPeek06 MindyAndySneakPeek07 MindyAndySneakPeek08 MindyAndySneakPeek09 MindyAndySneakPeek10 MindyAndySneakPeek11 MindyAndySneakPeek12 MindyAndySneakPeek13 MindyAndySneakPeek14 MindyAndySneakPeek15 MindyAndySneakPeek16 MindyAndySneakPeek17 MindyAndySneakPeek18 MindyAndySneakPeek19 MindyAndySneakPeek20 MindyAndySneakPeek21 MindyAndySneakPeek22 MindyAndySneakPeek23 MindyAndySneakPeek24 MindyAndySneakPeek25 MindyAndySneakPeek26 MindyAndySneakPeek27 MindyAndySneakPeek28 MindyAndySneakPeek29 MindyAndySneakPeek30 MindyAndySneakPeek31 MindyAndySneakPeek32 MindyAndySneakPeek33 MindyAndySneakPeek34 MindyAndySneakPeek35 MindyAndySneakPeek36 MindyAndySneakPeek37 MindyAndySneakPeek38 MindyAndySneakPeek39