About Richard

Hi My name is Richard and I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

I’m not really very good at writing so I don’t really know how to write a few paragraphs and tell you how awesome I am and why you have to use my photography service. But one thing I do know is my passion in photography and I want to help you to capture your special day in the best possible way.

I also believe the best way to create the best photo for you is to participate in everything personally from the start to the end. So I’m the person who answer all your email enquires. I will meet with you and discuss with you about what you want. I will also be the photographer who shoot your photos on that day, and after that, I’ll be the one who do all the postprocessing and creating your album design. I strongly believe this is the best way to maintain the quality and consistency of the photos.

If you are interested in getting me to be your photographer, or you have any questions re my photography services, please contact me by filling in the form on the contact page.


Here are some of the awards I’ve received recently:

  • 2013 Kodak Professional Gold Award – Wedding Bride and/or Groom category – 2 x Gold Merit
  • 2011 Kodak Gold Award – Wedding Bride and/or Groom category – Silver Merit