After dark T-shirt Photoshoot

Just a while ago, I did¬†a photoshoot for a company (a lot of you probably know which company it is ūüėČ ) who¬†wants some photos for¬†their T-shirts. It’s not something that I do quite often and is quite¬†different to what¬†I shoot usually (wedding and portrait). But it was a fun little project¬†for me to try out something new. After¬†a dozen of emails, discussions, concept sketches and two seperate photoshoot, we got the photos we want.

I can’t show you the final photos from the second photoshoot but I will¬†share with you a few photos¬†from the first photoshoot. I use a mix of ambient street light and speedlights with different colour gel to light up the various scenes.¬†I hope you’ll enjoy the photos. As usual, click on the photo for a larger¬†version

seratotshirt01 seratotshirt04 seratotshirt05seratotshirt02 seratotshirt03 seratotshirt06 seratotshirt07 seratotshirt08