A very long day at Bay of Islands

Emma and Chris are a very sweet couple, they were originally from UK and now living in Auckland. They decided to have their wedding at the beautiful Bay of Islands, and not only that, they hired the Ipipiri, a 150 feet long overnight cruise ship so they can have a wonderful evening and morning with their families on the ship after the wedding ceremony.
While the original plan was to cruise to a remote island and have the wedding ceremony on a beach, the weather didn’t allow that to happen so the ceremony was also held on the ship as well. But it didn’t really matter for Emma and Chris as it was not only their wedding but also a family re-union party for their family. A lot of the family members travelled all the way from UK to attend Emma and Chris’s wedding and everyone was having a great time.

For me, it was really quite a long day. I woke up at around 5am and after a 4 hours drive I arrived Bay of Islands, quickly checked in the hotel and met up with everyone just before midday. Then we went on board the ship and the wedding started! It wasn’t until 10pm when I finally got back to my hotel at Paihia. But my job was not done yet! Since Emma and Chris will be heading back to Auckland the next morning and then fly to UK, I needed to go through and tidy up the 800 photos from that day and prepare a CD for them to take back to UK. So in the end I didn’t really get to go to bed until very late that night. Actually, it’s more like very early the next morning. But it was such a wonderful day and I really enjoyed it too. So when I was working on the photos at the hotel, I was still pretty excited and didn’t feel very tired at all even after almost 24 hours of non stop driving/shooting/editing.

So here are some photos from Emma and Chris’s wedding. I hope you can feel the joy and happiness through my photos as well. Oh and I think Emma and Chris both look stunning and so sweet! Don’t you agree?

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