Lilly and Steve at the Riverhead – 2013 Kodak Professioal Gold Award winning photos

I’ve known Steve for many many years so when he told me he’s getting married and asked me to be his wedding photographer, I was so happy and was really excited about it!
Only minutes later when I checked my calender, then I noticed I already got another wedding booked on that exact same date. I felt really quite bad when I told Steve I won’t be available that day.
A few days later, Steve and Lilly came back and said they are considering to move their wedding date so I could be their wedding photographer. I felt very honoured but at the same time quite guilty but anyway that’s how I still end up being their wedding photographer.
Steve and Lilly picked the Riverhead as their wedding venue. For those of you not familar with the place, the 153 years old tavern is New Zealand’s oldest riverside tavern at west Auckland. A beautiful place with lots of history. The weather wasn’t the best in the morning when we arrived Steve’s place, it was raining and the sky was grey. Luckily the weather god seems to have noticed that and the weather changed from bad to good within an hour or so. By the time we arrived the Riverhead there was a beautiful blue sky waiting for us. Both the ceremony and reception took place at the Boat House there and we headed out for a few photos nearby in between. With the families and friends there celebrating this great day together, there were so much laugh and happy tears! I’ve selected some of my favourite photos from that day and hope you like them as much as I do.
Oh, two of the photos from this wedding have won me Gold Awards from the 2013 Kodak Professional Gold Award. Do you know which photos are they? (I’ll announce it in my next blog post) lillysteve-01 lillysteve-02 lillysteve-03 lillysteve-04 lillysteve-05 lillysteve-06 lillysteve-07 lillysteve-08 lillysteve-09 lillysteve-10 lillysteve-11 lillysteve-12 lillysteve-13 lillysteve-14 lillysteve-15 lillysteve-16 lillysteve-17 lillysteve-18 lillysteve-19 lillysteve-20 lillysteve-21 lillysteve-22