My First Tongan Wedding

It was the first time i photograph a Tongan wedding, actually this was also the first time I attend a Tongan wedding! Before the wedding, i asked Martin and Dinalee to sit down with me and go through their plan with me and explain to me every single step of the ceremony, tell me if there are something i should do, or more importantly i shouldn’t do. To make sure I won’t be doing something silly, or even worse, do something that is considered unlucky or unrespectful to the wedding or the family.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Tongan church at Grey Lynn. After the ceremony, we quickly went to Auckland Domain, for a couple of photos, (as we only had 15 minutes for the photos!!) then quickly ran to the Alexander Park Convention Center where the wedding rececption is held.  Since most of the guests are Tongans, the whole wedding ceremony and reception was in Tongan. Unfortunately i don’t even know a single word in Tongan so the whole day i have to guess what is going on now and what is going on next.  Because of that, it was definitely not the easiest wedding  for me, but  anyway, here are some photos from the wedding, tell me what you think?