Miggo Agua Versa Backpack Review

Miggo is a new company started by some ex-designers from Kata bags and Manfrotto bags. If you have being reading my reviews for a while, you probably would remember that I’ve reviewed some of their previous products like the Miggo Agua bag. They have recently contacted me again and sent me a prototype sample of their new Miggo Agua Versa backpack. It’s one of three new products that they are about to release. The other two are Miggo Agua Sling bag and Miggo Drone Lander.

Just like their original Miggo Agua bag, the new Miggo Agua Versa backpack has an IPX3 rating and Miggo calls it a stormpoof bag. Officially IPX-3 rating means it offers protection from a spray of water in any direction when the device is rotated up to 60° any direction from vertical for at least 5 minutes. I didn’t have a chance to use it during a storm, but I did test it by continuously spraying water from the top and side and various angle for 5 minutes. I checked the backpack after 5 minutes. While it is completely wet outside, I can’t find a single drop of water or moisture inside the bag. (check my youtube video).

If you have read my review of the original Agua bag, you may remember I said the original Agua bag isn’t really a good looking bag. Fortunately, the Miggo team managed to make the new Agua backpack a much better looking bag with a more sophisticated design even though they are both made of very similar waterproof material and colour scheme. I have been using this backpack for a few weeks now and most people that saw it gave very positive comments about the backpack’s style/design.

There are three ways you can carry this backpack. The normal backpack position, the X position which gives you the most secure support (but takes quite a bit of time to put on or remove the backpack) or you can configure and carry it like a single shoulder sling bag which gives you quick and easy access to the main compartment by swinging the bag to the front. Check out my video review for a demo of the three carry options.

Added 2017-08-04: The Miggo team has contacted me and gave me some more information about the X position:  
“The way to enjoy them both is – to carry it in the X-position and when you need to access your camera – simply disconnect one strap (disconnect the bottom connection buckle) and the bag is now converted into a regular sling that allows you to bring it to the front and get your camera out in 3 seconds.”

The backpack has a removable padded insert. The padded insert is quite big and deep so you can easily fit a full frame DSLR with a 24-70 f/2.8 and an extra 70-200 f/2.8 lens easily. There are a lot of spaces left for other items including iPad or laptop up to 14.5″. Unfortunately my 15″ Macbook is slightly too large to fit inside.

[EDITED 2017-08-15: Tried with the latest 15″ Macbook Pro and it can fit inside comfortably. Also tried a 2015 Macbook Pro and it can also fit, but a bit tighter]

You can remove the padded insert if you want to use it as a normal (non-camera) backpack.

Unfortunately, while the bag has quite a few side and front pockets. None of them are very deep so all the side pockets can only be used to store smaller items or documents. Anything slightly bigger like a water bottle or tripod must be stored inside the main compartment.

I did a test and see what I can easily fit into the bag in my video review. I was able to fit a full frame DSLR with extra lenses and quite a few items inside the bag very easily with a lot of spare room left.

At the bottom of the bag there is a USB port for you to recharge your phone/camera/gadgets through an internal USB power bank (not included). Unfortunately I can’t test it out on my sample only has a prototype USB port. But I can imagine it would be such a cool and useful feature as we all carry so many power hungry smart devices these days so a USB charging port on the bag would be really really handy.

Bottom of the backpack

Even the side pockets around the bag are all “stormproof”, just remember the pull the zip up completely. However, I really hope Miggo have made at least one of the side pocket a bit bigger or deeper, or add some external straps so I can attach a tripod or some other large objects either externally or in one of the side pocket. Right now, the main compartment is the only place I could store anything of decent size.

Probably because of the weather proof design, the zippers on the backpack are a bit harder to operate when compare to most other camera bags. It’s not terrible but you would most likely notice it the first time when you try to unzip the bag. But Miggo did added a few handles on the backpack which allows you to pull the zipper a lot easier.

There are a lot of camera bags available on the market that also claimed to be “weather proof”. But they are usually either just barely splash proof (i.e. can only offer protection against a short period of shower/rain or someone spill a cup of water on it) or they require you to put a waterproof jacket on top which makes it hard to access the gear inside. There really aren’t many camera bags like the Miggo Agua Versa backpack that can offer very decent weather protection and allow you to access the camera gear easily.

The Miggo Agua Versa Backpack is a big improvement over their original Agua bag. The design is more refined and polished and I just love seeing company that keep creating better products and continue the innovatation. If you are interested in the Agua Versa Backpack, you can find  more information of the backpack and their two other new products on their Indiegogo project page:




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