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Miggo is a new camera bag company that was started not too long ago. But while the company is new, it was started by people who have previously worked for KATA bags and Manfrotto with lots of experience in designing and creating good quality camera bags. Miggo have successfully funded their first line of products on kickstarter last year and I have just received a new product sample from them, the Miggo Agua.

miggo_agua_review_1Miggo Agua

Miggo Agua is a camera bag that can protect your camera against water, dust, sand or even snow. It features IPX3 level of storm-proof protection. IPX3 means is it offers protection against water spraying up to 60 degree from vertical at 10 litres per min at a pressure of 80-100kN/m2 for 5 minutes. It doesn’t mean you can submerge the bag under water as its not really waterproof , but it should be good enough to protect your camera against water or rain. You should also be able to carry the Agua to a beach or snow area and not have to worry about sand or snow gets inside your bag.

miggo_agua_review_5IPX3 storm protection


The construction of the agua is pretty simple but good quality. The bag is made of two layers. The outer layer is made of water resistant tarpaulin that protects your camera from rain, dust..etc, while the inner layer is made of Neoprene and Lycra that is soft and protect the camera from impact (both to a certain degree of course). Personally I find the bag looks and feels a bit too plastic (which it is) and not a nice looking camera bag.
To test whether it can really protect the camera from rain and a bit of water, I left my Miggo Agua outdoor on a rainy day for almost 24 hours. There were quite a few heavy but when I checked the bag at the end of the day, the inside of the Agua was completely dry, not a drop of water or moisture inside the bag.
So yes, the Miggo Agua passed my water test easily.
The bottom of the Agua is very rigid so you can leave your lens cap off when you put your camera back into the bag. It means you don’t have to waste any time to remove the lens cap when you draw the camera out from the bag. Because of that, there is a little inner pocket for you to store your lens cap inside the bag. But I would really like to see another pocket or compartment at the inner layer so I can store some small accessories like memory card, keys, batteries or even my smartphone inside the bag and keep them safe and dry.Unfortunately with the current design, I need to either put those small items in my pocket separately or carry an additional weather proof bag if I want to keep a few small items dry and safe

miggo_agua_review_3The Miggo Agua comes with two extra connectors so you can connect the strap to your camera directly if you want. The connector in this photo is the prototype design. The final one features double lock to give you extra security.

The Miggo Agua comes with a detachable padded strap and two additional connectors. You can attach the strap to the bag so you carry the Agua as a sling bag or shoulder bag. You can then use the supplied connector to secure your camera to the inside of the bag so the camera won’t fall out from your hand and drop to the ground when you take the camera out.
But the beauty of the Miggo Agua design is that you can use it in other ways too. You can disconnect the strap from the bag so the Miggo Agua can be used as little camera case and chuck it in your normal bag. Or you can attach the strap to your camera directly so it becomes your camera’s shoulder within a few seconds.
The strap’s lock buckle on my sample is just a normal type that seems pretty solid, but Miggo has told me the final version will have an improved buckle with double security lock so the strap won’t accidentally detach itself.
The Miggo Agua comes in three different sizes. The smallest one is designed for small mirrorless and superzoom cameras, while the latest one is for the large DSLRs.
The sample I got is the largest one and my D800 with a medium size lens fits inside the bag comfortably.

miggo_agua_review_4Full frame DSLR sits nicely inside the large Agua

There are many weatherproof camera bags in the market, but most of them are either designed in a way that makes it hard to get the camera out from the bag or only provide minimal protection. The main concept behind the Miggo Aqua is to give you good protection against rain and water but still allow you to take the camera out quickly when you want to. Basically you just need to unzip the cover and you can grab the camera immediately, it’s really quick and easy. And putting the camera back in is just as easy.


Just like their first product My Miggo, the Miggo Agua is also a very interesting product. It has a unique design and provide a new and easy way to carry your camera safely without having to worry about the bad weather/challenging conditions you might come across. While it doesn’t have the most pretty bag design, it’s refreshing to see the boys and girls from Miggo keep working on various ideas and bringing out some new products.

If you are interested in the Miggo Agua, here is their kickstarter campaign:

Reviewer: Richard Wong
Richard is a multi-award winning wedding/portrait photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand.  Richard’s website is www.photobyrichard.com and his Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/PhotoByRichard

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