Lunch Break – My Street Photography Video Series

If you are following me on Facebook, you may have noticed that I’ve been experimenting with video and have started posting a few videos on my Youtube channel recently.
Now while I’ve played with a lot of nice stills and video cameras, I really don’t know much about video filming and editing. Videography is completely different to photography so I feel like I’m back to the day when I first pick up a SLR and have no idea what I should do. I do want to do more video reviews as there are things that is easier to explain and show with video than pure text/photo. But what I really really want to do is photography related video to share some of my personal photography experience, ideas and thoughts on various photography topics. Some of you may know I have a lot of passion on street photography, so the first video series I want to do is about street photography.
The name of the series is “Lunch Break” as I imagine most of the videos will be filmed during my lunch hour. That half an hour or so of spare time when I could walk around the streets with my camera and do a bit of street phogoraphy. I would probably use different camera and lens in every episode. It could be film camera, digital camera and even smartphone as I shoot photos with pretty much any camera I can get my hands on. I would also attach a GoPro onto my photo camera to capture what I see from my camera’s point of view (POV).

I did an experimental episode 0 a little while ago. While not a completely disaster, I found there were so many things I need to learn and improve on. (Thanks to all of you who have watched that super shaky video and gave me feedbacks)

So I’ve just finished and uploaded the first official Lunch Break episode today. I think I’ve made some improvements on the biggest issues I had in my episode 0, but I also feel there are still millions things I could and should improve. Anyway, enough typing, below is the first episode, I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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