Leica New Zealand – Leica S workshop


leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_02Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 500 f/1.7 1/250s

Leica New Zealand has recently held their first Leica S (007) workshop. The 3 hour workshop was guided by Australian fashion, advertising, and glamour photographer Darren Centofanti. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this workshop and would like to share some photos from this workshop with you.
Held on a wet Tuesday evening at the White Studio in Auckland, the turnout was really good and quite a lot of attendees are existing Leica S and M users. The workshop was roughly divided into two halves. Darren kicked off the first half of the workshop by telling us a lot of interesting stories about his photography journey. How he started photography, how he moved to India and restart his photography life in a completely different country. He then shared a lot of his photos and behind the scene stories with us as well. Darren also told us the reasons why he choose and stick with Leica as his professional camera system. There were a lot of really valuable information and the first half of the workshop just gone very quickly.

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_01Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 500 f/1.7 1/250s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_03Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 2500 f/1.7 1/500s
The Leica Master shows us the proper way to clean your Leica S.. (okay I’m just kidding)

We then had a little break before the second half of the workshop started. The second half of the workshop was more technical and hands on. We had our beautiful model Loretta White and a studio setup. Darren helped us to setup the Leica S (007) and lighting and he also showed us the photos he took with that setup. After that we all got a chance to shoot some photos with the Leica S and take home the RAW files we took using this latest Leica medium format camera.

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_06Leica M (Type 240)| Leica Summicron 35 f/2| ISO 250 f/4 1/45s

Apart from learning some really valuable information from Darren and a chance to learn and have a chance to use the Leica S 007, one thing I learnt from this workshop is that, being able to take nice photos is probably just the minimal requirement for being a successful photographer. You also need to be smart and have excellent communication skills as you need to be able to sell your ideas and your vision to your clients. Darren’s ability to run this workshop in an interesting and informative way demostrated why he is such a successful commercial photographer.


leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_04Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 100 f/1.7 1/60s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_05Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 100 f/1.7 1/60s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_07Leica M (Type 240) | ISO 500 f/4 1/45s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_08Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 800 f/3.5 1/125s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_09Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 800 f/3.2 1/125s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_10Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 200 f/1.7 1/125s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_11Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 100 f/1.7 1/60s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_12Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 200 f/2.8 1/125s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_13Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 320 f/3.5 1/125s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_14Leica M (Type 240)| Leica Summicron 35 f/2| ISO 250 f/3.4 1/45s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_15Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 240 f/1.7 1/125s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_16Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 800 f/3.2 1/125
Leica NZ has also provided a few Leica M cameras for us to try out.

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_17Leica Q (Type 116) | ISO 500 f/4.5 1/125s

And below are some of the photos I took using the Leica S. The scaled down and highly compressed images I post here cannot really show how nice the images are. But if you examine the high resolution photos at 100%, you would also be amazed by the Leica S’s picture quality. The photos are really sharp and clean. The colours are beautiful and the dynamic range is really good.

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_18Leica S (Type 007) | Summicron-S 100 | ISO 200 f/9.5 1/125s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_19Leica S (Type 007) | Summicron-S 100 | ISO 200 f/9.5 1/125s

leica_nz_leica_s_workshop_20Leica S (Type 007) | Summicron-S 100 | ISO 200 f/9.5 1/125s

I really enjoyed this workshop. It was fun, I learnt a lot and met quite a few new friends. I would highly recommend people to attend similar events in the future. It’s not a small task to organise a workshop like this especially in a country like New Zealand. I’m very glad that Leica New Zealand has organised this workshop (thanks for inviting me!) and really looking forward to see more events from them in the future.

Model: Loretta White
Makeup Artist: Carolyn Haslett