Billingham Hadley One Review

The Billingham Hadley One is the latest additional to the Billingham’s Hadley series. The Hadley is one of the most popular lineup from Billingham and the new Hadley One’s size is somewhere between the Hadley Pro and Hadley Pro Large.

Just like the other Billingham Hadley bags, the Hadley One is a shoulder bag made with high quality material. The main material used is called FibreNyte which is not only very tough but also waterproof. The leather and brass fixings are top quality. You can smell that nice leather smell when you hold the bag on your hand. There really isn’t any bag that feels more premium than a Billingham.

The front straps that connect the cover to the front pockets are removable like the Hadley Pro bags.  But now, even the main shoulder strap is also completely removable as well.

The main strap is now completely removable.

The two front pockets are really large and deep. When I put my 5.1″ Huawei P10 phone into the front pocket (check my video at the top),  the phone barely takes up any space.

The Hadley One comes with a half length, full height removable insert. While a full size pro body like the D5 wouldn’t fit inside the insert, my D800 can fit but it’s quite a tight fit. Anything smaller than the D800, like the D750 or pretty much any mirrorless camera or 35mm film camera would fit easily.  You could buy an extra insert if you want to carry more camera or lenses with maximum protection.

A nice new feature is the padded laptop space at the back of the main compartment. Officially Billingham said you can fit a 13″ Macbook Pro inside it but I could fit the latest 2017 15″ Macbook Pro easily.

Billingham said the 13″ Macbook Pro can fit inside the Hadley One. But I found that the latest 15″ Macbook Pro can also fit nicely inside the laptop insert. 

Front straps are removable, like the other Hadley series bags


Panasonic G85 with 12-60 kit lens on left. Nikon D800 with AFS 60mm f/2.8G in the insert (very tight fit)

At the back of the bag, you can see a redesigned leather strap that covers the zipper for the document pocket. The zipper is also upgraded to a waterproof one and it’s easy to open full length. With all these changes, the document pocket is much better protected against rain and document can also be inserted and removed from the pocket easier.

The new features and improvements makes the Billingham Hadley One a nice and modern upgrade to the Billingham Hadley series. While it’s definitely not a cheap camera bag, you just need to hold the bag on your hand and you will immediately understand why a lot of photographers love Billingham bags despite the high price.

If you already have a Billingham Hadley Pro, are the improvements big enough to tempt you to upgrade to the latest Hadley One? This is a question you have to answer yourself.


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