Artisan & Artist ACAM-280 camera strap review


I was looking for a new camera strap for my Olympus EM1 and I want a good quality camera strap. But pretty much all the shops or websites say their leather camera strap is made of high quality leather (yeah including my last one that only last a few months), I want to get one from a trusted brand so I can be sure the quality is good. After a bit of research  and shop around, I decided to get the Artisan and Artist ACAM-280 leather strap. I love it’s simplistic and classic design and a local shop stocks it too.

The ACAM-280 strap comes in a little bright yellow box. The Italian leather is quite nice but maybe not soft enough. The craftmanship is very good. There are four colour choices: Black, Brown, Gray or Red. But no matter which colour you choose, the back of the strap is always brown.  I went for the black one as I like the black/brown combination the most.


The strap is quite a perfect match to my Olympus EM1. The design, the width and length of the strap matches a smaller camera like the E-M1 really well. As I said, the leather feels a little bit stiff but hanging the camera around my neck feels reasonably comfortable. And it looks nice.

But if you have a large DSLR with heavy and big lenses (e.g. Nikon D810 with 70-200 f/2.8 VR), the strap would be a bit too narrow and would feel uncomfortable as the strap doesn’t have any padding or mechanism to spread the load. I would recommend you get a strap that is a bit wider and probably thicker too.

The ACAM-280 has a fixed length design. Personally I found the length about just right (I’m 1.8M tall).  But if you are a lot bigger or smaller than me, you may want to give it a try first to make sure the length is suitable.


I was going to do this review immediately after I got this new strap, but then I thought, maybe I should wait a bit. I want to see how good or bad it would be after a few months usage. Would it be just as bad as my old strap? Or does the Artisan and Artist logo really mean the strap is more durable?


I’ve now used the strap for almost 6 months, and just checked my strap carefully this morning. I can tell you the strap look almost as good as when it was brand new. There is very little sign of wear and tear. I feel the strap is now even better as the leather seems to have soften up a little bit more.

Apart from the leather is still a bit hard even after few months of usage, there aren’t much I can complain about this strap. It’s not cheap, but i feel the price is very reasonable. If you look after it well, it can definitely last a very long time.

If you want to get a leather strap for your camera, you can buy cheap low quality camera strap like my previous one and replace them every year or so.  Or you can buy something like this Artisan and Artist strap which is more expensive but will last a lot longer. This could actually work out to be cheaper in long term.

After trying out both options myself, I think I know which option I will go for in the future.


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